Check an item off of your honey-do list by calling today. 727-599-1522

I handle jobs large and small . Call me so we can discuss the scope of the job and go over variables such as:

  • Amount
  • Type
  • Estimated weight
  • Specific location
  • Access to the junk are some of the considerations for proper pricing.

The large trailer (pictured) is 12′ feet long x 6′ wide & 4′ feet tall. The size of a 10 yard dumpster!

***For an average full trailer load, the charge is $160 which includes loading, disposal fees and labor .

***Smaller jobs have smaller prices $140, $120, 100, 80, etc….

***Heavy full loads can be $180 to $200.

(Option A)     Many customers sort through the junk, make a pile in their garage or driveway and stage what they don’t want. You call & book the day & time for me to show up. I back the trailer up to the pile & load it up.  It’s gone in a short amount of time!  

(Option B)     Drop off service. I leave you a trailer parked in your driveway early & you take the day to fill it at your leisure. A daily dumpster rental with easy load ramp. Please see the dumpster rental page on this website for more details.

(Option C) You need me to take something out from a room such as furniture, appliances, etc…  My many years of experiences is impressive. I use a dolly or hand truck & just remove large items without any damage. Often customers swear it will take a few men. I’ve done every situation many times by myself. Sometimes a customer if able will give a helping hand assisting.

My prices beat big name junk removal companies, since I’m a one man operation!!!

If same day service is not available you can schedule a labor load pick up time or drop off time for trailer rental.

I am usually 5 minutes early or I consider myself late!!!