Household clutter, garbage, trash, debris clogging up your home? Is your garage overwhelmed with junk that is just to much for the garbage man to take?  I can haul away your old furniture, appliances, carpet, flooring, mowers, lawn equipment anything that is taking valuable space. Homeowner remodeling and construction project scraps and debris. Whether you made the mess or not I have large dump trailers to load and haul it away.  Home, condo, apartment, townhouses, etc... 


Debris from remodel and demolition, landscaping debris or waste, old cabinets, sinks, toilets all can be loaded in my trailers.

*** I DO NOT haul concrete, roofing shingles,  railroad ties or any items that are extremely heavy and in large quantities.

Landlords & Tenants:

Use my services to clean out and haul away a tenant's left over junk and debris. One phone call and the problem is handled. Tenants that are moving or leaving and want a security deposit back can use my services to get rid of the clutter that gets built up over time.

Time to Move:

Moving is hard.. Packing, loading, cleaning and then doing it all over again when you arrive at your new destination. Let me haul the junk and leftover debris you don't want to deal with! Easy and inexpensive! Before or after the move.

Self Storage lockers:

Do you use a self storage locker? Is it full of all the stuff you thought you might use someday and were afraid to get rid of? Have you finally decided to clean it out but the task seems to large to handle? One call can take care if that junk pile!

Estate Liquidation / Family member dies:

This could be an overwhelming time for relatives especially for out of town & state, family ties. I can assist when a family member dies & their home, apartment, condo, nursing home room, or self storage locker needs to be hauled away.

 A  job that may seem hopeless & perceived to take weeks can be done in just a few hours or days.

My experience gives me the ability to haul it all away in one trip making things go smooth and stress free! If multiple trips are required.... No problem I will work till the job is done.


A buyer or seller wants the junk removed and you don't have the resources?  Sometimes demands & negotiations can happen last minute before closing.  

Just one call... U Call - I Haul   727-599-1522